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Tulbagh is not only the home of a number of world-renowned wines, it is also undeniably beautiful. Set within a basin, it is surrounded by impressive mountain ranges, which are a major part of the unique climate that makes this such a fabulously ideal spot for wine-makers. These mountains trap air in the basin, which results in rather extreme conditions. Summers are sweltering and winters are freezing, and the valley remains well irrigated throughout the year. The idyllic vistas and wonderful grape flavours that result from these weather conditions make Tulbagh an unforgettably special destination.

Well known wine labels to come out of the Tulbagh region include Drostdy Hof, Theuniskraal, Twee Jongen Gezellen and Waverley Hills. Twee Jongen Gezellen has gained acclaim for its being the first night-time harvesting estate in South Africa. Of course, other local farms have imitated them; an initiative that has yielded wonderful flavours quite different from anywhere else. The wine farms of Tulbagh range from exclusive boutiques to family-friendly traditional cellars, catering to the full range of visitors to the region (see Tulbagh Wine Estates).

There are formal tours of the Tulbagh Wine Route available. These expose visitors to a representative array of farms and flavours, giving them the opportunity to learn about the wine-making process, sample the delicious flavours that result and purchase wines directly from the cellars. Of course, visitors can conduct their own tour, if they prefer; simply visiting a number of the local farms themselves. A delegated driver or a driving service is essential, as drinking alcohol and driving is not permitted or safe.

In addition to vineyards, the area of Tulbagh also yields lovely olives and fruits. Many of these natural products complement the wines on offer, creating a taste sensation that will leave lasting memories of sensory bliss. This has earned the region an acclaimed reputation amongst those that known and appreciate good food and wine pairings.


Tulbagh is a great destination for families, friends or couples that are looking for a tranquil retreat amidst breath-taking countryside. Hiking, walking and horse riding along the many trails is sure to lure visitors back year after year. The town is also about 80 minutes’ drive from Cape Town, the capital city of the Western Cape.

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Cape Town is a tourism hotspot, and offers an endless variety of things to do and see. These range from adventure sports and botanical gardens to industrial exhibitions and some of the best parties in the Southern Hemisphere. There are beaches, mountains, forests and luxurious suburbs to explore, as well as plenty of fantastic bars, clubs and restaurants. Some of these have been recognised as the best on the continent. This is also an excellent destination for families with children as well as shopaholics that need their fix. The newly-revamped Cape Town International Airport is about an hour from Tulbagh, which is ultra convenient.

Due to its ideal soils and climate, Tulbagh is constantly welcoming new winemakers into its borders. Therefore, the products from this little slice of Paradise are constantly evolving and changing, offering visitors something new and exciting with every visit.

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