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Drakenstein Lion Park

Drakenstein Lion Park

The Drakenstein Lion Park is situated in the Cape Winelands and comprises 50 acres of sprawling lion habitat. The Park is actively involved in improving the quality of life of lions in captivity, locally as well as internationally, either by offering these animals a lifetime home or working in conjunction with other animal welfare organizations to secure a safe future for individual animals in dire need.

The Park is not involved in commercial breeding or trade and offers lifetime care to all of it’s animals. All the animals brought to the Park are captive bred / hand reared and cannot be rehabilitated to the wild. The animals at the Park are assured a chance of living out their natural lives in an enriched and safe environment.

Photograph © Drakenstein Lion Park

Drakenstein Lion Park was awarded the 2007 ROAR Award for the Best Organization by the Global White Lion Protection Trust.

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