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The Cheese of the Cape Winelands

The Cheese of the Cape Winelands

The Cape Winelands are, as their name implies, famous for the wines that are produced in this picturesque part of the Western Cape. However, the region boasts a number of other wonderful industries and features, not least of all the cheeses that make for excellent accompaniments to the fine cuisine and excellent wines of the area. So once you’ve booked you accommodation in the Winelands, explore the estates that offer cheese and wine pairing.

Cheese makers in the Cape Winelands are renowned for their fantastic, unique approach to making humble favourites and extravagantly modern varieties alike. The ready availability of fresh ingredients and the international vibe of the Western Cape combine to ensure that this is a veritable hotspot for all things delicious …

Cheese tastings are popular amongst visitors, and many estates pair these with a wine tasting so that visitors can get the most out of this wonderful taste duo. The Winelands boast spectacular views and settings, assuring cheese enthusiasts of idyllic surrounds while they enjoy their fromage adventure.

The Fairview Vineyard Cheesery showcases more than 20 different cheeses, made from both cow and goat milk, and including halal and kosher options. Their range is inclusive and popular amongst locals, who are able to buy it in most supermarkets and grocery stores. Many of the cheeses of Fairview have won awards for their taste, innovation and quality. Interestingly, Fairview was the first cheesery in the whole of Africa to be recognised as being complete carbon-free by the Carbon Protocol of South Africa, making it the environmentally responsible choice. Having such an extensive goats’ milk range caters to those with dairy allergies and also offers a lower fat option. The wines at Fairview are best appreciated when paired with different cheeses. See the website at

Healey’s Cheese at Lourensford produces firm favourites, using the best unpasteurised milk and traditional methods. These include handmade curd and extended maturation periods for the best flavour. Healey’s is known for its creamy, farm-style cheddar, which has a full-bodied, nutty flavour. See the website at

The Simonsberg farm had humble beginnings when it was established in 1892. But, by the 1970’s, it was already gaining acclaim for its trend-setting speciality cheeses. Since then, it has continued to develop and grow its range, taking influences from all over the world to create a variety of cheeses that is delicious and unique. These include yellow, white and blue cheeses, along with cream cheese and spreads. Based in the tiny village of Bonnievale, Simonsberg has received a number of awards, testifying to its superior quality. See the website at

Indulge in a culinary adventure during your time in the Winelands by enjoying an expertly paired cheese and wine tasting.

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