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4 Things to Do in Wellington

4 Things to Do in Wellington

Wellington is famous for its wines and brandies. Its excellent soils and climate conditions yield wonderful grape varieties that are ideal for producing world-class flavours and award-winning labels. While Wellington is one of the smaller members of the Cape Winelands, there remains plenty to see and do within its borders, particularly for those that value the splendour of the outdoors.

Here are a few ideas:

1.       Tour The Estates

The wine and brandy estates of Wellington are not only abundant, but they are set within stunning surrounds that make visiting them quite spectacular. Nestled against the backdrop of the Groenberg Mountain and on the banks of the Kromme River, the picturesque retreat of Wellington makes for very special tastings of different brandy and wine varieties as well as tours of the cellars.

The products are available for purchase directly from the cellars or wine farms, usually at cheaper prices than in the shops. These make for excellent gifts for those that appreciate a sensory treat.

2.       Go Organic

The residents of Wellington produce and sell plenty of organic goods, ranging from meat and eggs to fresh fruit and vegetables. There are even homemade spirits and an exciting range of cheeses produced here. Exploring the various outlets that sell these is an exciting, healthful way to shop, and also contributes to the local communities, as these people are being empowered and supported by their organic farming initiatives.

3.       The Anglo-Boer War Blockhouse

This historical site is interesting for many reasons. For one, it is an authentic relic from the Anglo-Boer War (1899 – 1902), which shaped much of the history and culture of the modern South Africa. This war was between the Boers (farmers that had either French or Dutch descent or a mixture of the two) and the English colonialists.

The Blockhouse was a fortification that was built by the English to protect their railway. Thus, it was an integral part of the power struggle of the South Africa of yesteryear.

4.       Bontebok Ridge Reserve

This magnificent reserve is home to a wonderful array of the country’s wild species, comprising big game as well as a number of other fascinating animals. In addition, Bontebok Ridge showcases local vegetation, including the endemic and particularly beautiful fynbos.

Formal game drives take approximately two hours to complete, and allow visitors to have a glimpse into some of the Western Cape’s most exciting animals while a trained and experienced guide provides great insights. Wildlife photographers as well as those who love capturing beautiful landscapes will also have a ball here, with no shortage of natural backdrops to their once-in-a-lifetime shots.

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