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Tulbagh is not only the home of a number of world-renowned wines, it is also undeniably beautiful. Set within a basin, it is surrounded by impressive mountain ranges, which are a major part of the unique climate that makes this such a fabulously ideal spot for wine-makers. These mountains trap air in the basin, which results in rather extreme conditions. Summers are sweltering and winters are freezing, and the valley remains well irrigated throughout the year. The idyllic vistas and wonderful grape flavours that result from these weather conditions make Tulbagh an unforgettably special destination ... more

5 Things to Do in Tulbagh

5 Things to Do in Tulbagh

The charming little town of Tulbagh is situated within the valley of the same name, and surrounded by the magnificent mountain ranges of the Western Cape. Summers are sweltering and winters are icy, but Tulbagh is picturesque and inviting all year round. This historical retreat lies about 90 minutes’ drive from the bustling hub of hotels in Cape Town, and enjoys being a convenient, nearby, getaway for locals, as well as a popular escape for international tourists.

Here are five of the top activities and attractions in Tulbagh, recommended for anyone visiting the town: Continue reading

Cape Wine Estates

Cape Wine Estates™, a premium online travel resource for South Africa, has launched yet another feature to cater to the growing needs of the local and international tourist market. Easy-to-use maps of the wine regions (including the Cape Winelands, Karoo, Northern Cape, etc…) now feature on the website, and allow those planning a visit to the country to plot their route and explore the various estates from the comfort of their home.

The maps are detailed, with icons indicating which farms are open to the public and which are open by appointment only, or not at all. Each icon is clickable, taking the user to a page dedicated to that specific wine farm. This page includes all of the contact details, the address, opening hours and a description of the estate and its facilities. Most also contain information on available tours and tastings. Continue reading